Your Landlord Connection strives to make your home a better place to live. With a dedicated hands-on management team, we strive for service excellence to make a place you can call home.

Long term YLC Asset Management is always focused on long term investments. This means, we will continually update our buildings with renovations and major capital improvements.

Reliability YLC Asset Management strives to be reliable and dependable, especially in an emergency. If you have a flood, fire, or an electrical issue, we will address the issue within 24 hours.

Green To create a long term sustainable future for new generations, YLC believes strongly in green technologies. We invest in technologies that reduce our carbon footprint and continually find alternatives to reduce our energy consumption including gas, hydro and water.

Experience From roofs to boilers, from in suite renovations to creating storage and laundry rooms, from windows to foundation repairs, YLC is capable of handling a wide variety of building issues.

If you're looking for a place to call your own or have a friend that lives in one of our buildings, click on our locations to find the place that is suitable to you.

To view a walmart commercial filmed at one of our buildings click here.